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The Spirit of Pawling has good customer service and they are very knowledgeable when it comes to wines. They are totally on top of their inventory. A special shout out to Ralph, the owner, who is the nicest person one could ever hope to meet.

Joseph D

The Spirits of Pawling List of New Zealand Wines

New Zealand Wines

The Spirits of Pawling tell the story of New Zealand wine. James Busby, a British resident of New Zealand and passionate “amateur” winemaker, did not acquire the first grapes until around 1836. The Roman Catholic Missionaries established Mission Estate in Hawke’s Bay, the region’s oldest vineyard. Even though grapes were grown, and wine was made in New Zealand, most of the time it was used for religious purposes or for family consumption rather than as a primary source of income… Read More

Spirits of Pawling New Zealand Wines

List of New Zealand Wines in Stock

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Dog Point
Invivo – Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP)
Kim Crawford
Ninety Cellars – Lot 2
Rapura Springs
Southern Lines
The Ned