63 E Main Street, Pawling, NY 12564

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It has all the necessities if you don’t want to drive far or happen to be in the village. The staff here is wonderful and always ready to help and recommend things. If you’re like me, there’s days I want what I know and have tried and other days that I’m open to trying something new and different. This last time I did just that. Picked one of my usuals and then tried one that was recommended to me.

Love small, quaint, places like these where you can chat a little (or not) and just come in real quick and get what you need. It’s not a huuuuge store but it’s also deceiving. A lot bigger than you’d think! Wide selection of spirits. Plenty of wines. Also a fridge selection for some ready to go items. Plenty of parking. Located inside a little (ex) shopping plaza. Overall great spot to come to. Walking distance from all the main things in Pawling.

Marietta C.

The Spirits of Pawling List of Red Blends Wines

Red Blends Wine

The Spirits of Pawling offers more than a dozen of Red Blends for you to choose from. A wine blend is made by combining two or more grape varieties to create a wine that is complex and balanced. It’s like the sum of its parts: some wines pair better with each other.

For instance, Cabernet Sauvignon is a powerful, full-bodied wine that is well-known for its potent tannins and high acidity. Merlot is considered to be somewhere in the middle, with medium tannins and moderate acidity. To balance the intensity of Cabernet Sauvignon and soften its profile without sacrificing its distinctive characteristics, these two grapes are frequently blended together. Read the full article here…

Wines Spirits of Pawling Red Blends Wines

List of Red Blends Wines in Stock

Our inventory is subject to change.

1924 Double Black
Abstract by Orin Swift
Apothic Crush
Apothic Inferno
Apothic Red
Bogle Essential Red
Bogle Phantom
Collusion Columbia Valley
Dreaming Tree Crush
Francis Coppola Claret
Highlands 41
Horseshoes & Handgrenades Oregon/Washington
House of Cards Napa
Menage a Trois
Prisoner Unshackled
Taken Napa
The Boatman
The Dirty Pure F Bomb
The Prisoner Napa