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I love this place! Not much of a wine enthusiast myself, but the liquor selection is good, very reasonably priced, and everyone that works there, the owner included, are very nice. It’s quite literally the only place I shop. They’ve won my loyalty in a short period of time.

Joe C. (Yelp)

The Spirits of Pawling List of Zinfandel Wines

Zinfandel Wines

Check out the Spirits of Pawling’s selection of Zinfandel Wines the next time you come in. The rich, dark purple color of Red Zinfandel wine, its medium-to-high tannin levels, high alcohol content, and medium acidity, are what make it so popular. The flavors and aromas of jam, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, plums, cinnamon, black pepper, and licorice are all wrapped in various intensities of oak in the red wine, which typically has a medium body and is medium dry.

Wines Spirits of Pawling Zinfandel Wines

List of Zinfandel Wines in Stock

Our inventory is subject to change.

1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged
Bedrock Old Vine
Bogle Old Vine
Cline Old Vine
Joel Gott
Klinker Brick Old Vine
OZV Old Vine
Predator Old Vine
St. Francis Old Vine