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Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

Naturally lower in alcohol and 85 calories per serving. A light wine that is marked by its beautiful citric colours and incredible freshness. Its aromatic splendour is revealed through soft hints of tropical fruits and citric aromas. A very balanced wine that leaves a harmonious and citric after-taste.

The Spirits of Pawling List of Portuguese Wines

Portuguese Wines

The Spirits of Pawling tell the tale about the origination of Portuguese wine. The Phoenicians, who were seafarers who established colonies across the Mediterranean and planted vines along the way, are responsible for approximately 4,000 years of the history of Portuguese wines. However, the wines of Portugal, which have undergone a radical transformation in just the past three decades, are only now being discovered by the rest of the world. The best Portuguese wines are now making their way onto international markets as carefully crafted, delectable wines that typically sell for a lot for their quality.

Portugal was a major exporter in the past, shipping wine across Europe as early as the Renaissance. In the 1600s, wine merchants in the Douro Valley added brandy to table wine to prevent it from spoiling during hot, bumpy European travels. This fortified wine from Portugal gained worldwide recognition and imitation, eventually surpassing all other Portuguese wines.

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Casal Garcia Vinho Verde
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