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Nice owner, always pleasant, unlike another liquor store I can think of down the road. Huge selection albeit in a small footprint – feels a bit tight at times. I’ve never gone in and asked for something and come away disappointed. Prices are better than local competition too.

Chaz D.

The Spirits of Pawling List of Spanish and Chilean Wines

Spanish and Chilean Wines

The history of Spanish wines told by the Spirits of Pawling. Under Roman rule, through the Reconquista. Throughout the Roman Empire, panish wine was frequently traded and exported. Terraconensis (present-day Tarragona) in the north and Baetica (present-day Andalucia) in the south were the two largest wine-producing regions at the time. Amphorae were discovered in the ruins of Roman settlements in Normandy, the Loire Valley, Brittany, Provence, and Bordeaux during this time period. Spanish wine was exported into Gaul more frequently than Italian wine was. Additionally, the Limes Germanicus in Germania and Roman soldiers guarding border settlements in Britain received Spanish wine. Pliny the Elder and Martial noted the high quality of some wines from Terraconensis, while Ovid noted that one popular Spanish wine sold in Rome, Saguntum, was just good for getting your mistress drunk. During Roman times, the quality of Spanish wine varied. Sources…

Spirits of Pawling Spanish Wines

List of Spanish and Chilean Wines in Stock

Our inventory is subject to change.

Spanish Wines
Acuma Red Blend
Atteca Granacha
Azul Garanza
Basa Verdejo
Blau Montsant
Bodegas Obalo Rioja
Bohigas X
Bula Monstant
Burgans Albarino
Camino de Navaherreros White Blend
Capa Tempranillo
Clos de Los Siete Red Blend
El Coto White Rioja
Filon Granacha
Funkenhausen Cabernet
Goru Verde Monastrell – Organic
La Posada Red Blend
Locations E by Dave Phinney
Luzon Monastrell
Luzon Verde Monastrell – Organic
Maisulan Rioja
Mano Mano Tempranillo
Naia Verdejo
Paso a Paso Tempranillo
Rosario Rioja
Sierra Cantabria Rioja
Slates Priorat
Tarima Hill Monastrell
Tobia Rioja
Translation Merlot
Volver Tempranillo


Chilean Wines
Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet
Casillero Del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc
Aromo Barrell Select Cabernet
Aromo Winemakers Cabernet
Aromo Duo Cabernet/Merlot Blend
Frontera Cabernet
Frontera Sauvignon Blanc