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Pinot Noir is the most romanticized red wine in the world. No other grape inspires such emotion and worship among wine enthusiasts. Festivals are thrown every year in the grape’s honor and an entire movie, Sideways, highlighted the fervor of its fans and helped boost the variety’s popularity.


The Spirits of Pawling List of Pinot Noir Wines

Pinot Noir Wines

The history of Pinot Noir as told by the Spirits of Pawling. Due to its translucent color, moderate tannins, and acidity, Pinot Noir wines are among the most sought-after in the world. The wines have subtle flavors and aromas of rose, plum, fresh raspberry, and spice. Due to its high levels of resveratrol, Pinot Noir is considered the healthiest wine. It has low alcohol content, is made from grapes with thin skins, and is low in sugar.

Despite the fact that Pinot Noir can be difficult to cultivate, complex, and elusive, many winemakers persist because the wines that are produced can offer rewards that are equal to the challenge. The Romans first described this noble red variety in the year 100 A.D., and it was first grown in the Burgundy region of France as early as the fourth century. The variety thrives best in cooler growing environments. In regions that receive morning fog and cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean, Pinot Noir shines. Oregon, Sonoma, the southern Napa Valley, and the Central Coast, including Santa Barbara, are all cooled by the ocean.

Pinot Noir Spirits of Pawling

List of California Pinot Noir Wines in Stock

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Bishop’s Peak
Block Nine
Bread & Butter
Brotherhood NY
Chad Willamette Valley
Coppola Director’s Cut
Decoded Caneros
Elouan Willamette Valley
Folly of the Beast
Hob Nob
Inscription Willamette Valley
J. Lohr Falcon’s Perch

Kendall Jackson Petaluma
Line 39
Mark West
Ninety Cellars Lot 75 Russian River
Noble Vines
Picket Fence
Planet Oregon
Robert Mondavi Private Select
Solena Willamette Valley
The Pinot Project
Weather Sonoma
Whole Cluster Willamette Valley